First of all I am thankful to my Lord Allah who gives me this responsibility also thankful to the members of Pakistan Kissan Ittehad who gives me chance to serve them.

I saw many times that whenever poor villagers came to cities everybody in public sector or in government offices laugh on him & makes him fool. No body allows them to enter in office. This was the behavior with the people who serve this nation with wheat, meat, vegetables, fruit, Milk & cloth.

A farmer never had a holiday in his whole life he works day & night devotedly. But nobody think that he is also human.

Everybody says Agriculture is back bone of Pakistan but this most neglected sector by government. There is no policy there is no research there is no seed act.


The Subsidies to support farmer never deliver to him all the former and present governments oblige to the industrialists. On fertilizer there was subsidy of Rs. 50 billion given to the fertilizer manufacturer but unfortunately international fertilizer market was less than subsidies fertilizer.

The crop rates were not fixed by farmers it depends on purchaser. Crop rate should be fixed before cultivation.

In my villages there is no clean drinking water. There is no sanitation system in villages. There is no roads. No medical facility.

The agriculture of Pakistan has 25% of the country GDP.

We promise to over farmer we will always serve them sincerely & honestly. Never compromise on their rights.

Muhammad Umair Masood


We had a worst experience of single leadership in last year. Few people from us try to cash this cause but with the grace of Almighty Allah we come out of those crises.

We had designed an organizational structure. We regret single leader ship. Now we had a "Central Executive Committee" of refined and sincere people. CEC should implement all rules and take decisions and make policies.

Head of organization is President but President will under decisions of Central Executive Committee (CEC). Secretary General will run the internal affairs of organization. He will run the affairs with consent of Central Executive Committee (CEC). Central Executive committee (CEC) member should be selected from all districts. All the district committees will select their representative for CEC.