Pakistan Kisan ittehad stage a protest in support of their demands.
Multan: Members of Pakistan Kisan Ittehad stage a demonstration in support of their demands at Chowk Kachehri.
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Pakistan Kisan Ittehad sit-in continues on GT Road near Okara against Electricity overbilling.
Okara: Peasants stage sit-in against Electricity overbilling
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Growers up against anti-growers policies.
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Pakistan Kisan Ittehad Union ended 17-hour long sit-in after acceptance of their demands.
Okara: Farmers end 17-hour long sit-in
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Pakistan Kissan Ittehad

New Electricity Rate Farmers
Islamabad: The federal government on Thursday announced a Rs23 billion subsidy for the agriculture sector in a move that is likely to invite the International Monetary Fund's scrutiny.

Chishtian Against Anti-Farmer
Pakistan Kissan Ittehad jalsa in Chishtian against anti-farmer policies of Punjab and central governments.

Punjab Government
Punjab Government will resolve farmers problems:Shahbaz Sharif

Important Message

Government has finalized trade agreement with India Through Wagha Border 24 hrs. India wants to finish agriculture of Pakistan. Agriculture future of Pakistan in danger come out and join Kissan Ittehad.

Stop this!

India Subsidies agriculture with 100 billion US Dollar. In india government fix rates of 27 crops to protect farmers. Also government insured the crops. In the whole world there is no Tax on inputs. All over the world agriculture has special facilities, But in Pakistan all inputs have 17 percent Sales tax Government of Pakistan subsidies with less than 1 billion US Dollar after deduction of heavy taxes. Gov only fix price of 1 crop (Wheat) There is no facility for farmer. Farmer always suffer from the monopoly of middle man and industrialist.