The Pakistan Kissan Ittehad is not a planed association of farmers. It was a small movement within few months it becomes biggest farmer association of Pakistan. Now It is voice of million's small farmers and villagers.

75% of total population of our country is depends upon agriculture. Agriculture is back bone of country. Due to negligence of Government the production is decreasing day by day.

Pakistan Kissan Ittehad life is 15 months. It was started due to heavy electricity bills of agriculture tube wells and lead many big protest. All member of Kissan Ittehad are loyal, sincere and honest with their country. The members generate their fund from their own pockets. Its self funded pure farmers association. The organization working against corruption efficiently also protects rights of poor and neglected peoples.


We had a worst experience of single leadership in last year. Few people from us try to cash this cause but with the grace of Almighty Allah we come out of those crises.

We had designed an organizational structure. We regret single leader ship. Now we had a "Central Executive Committee" of refined and sincere people. CEC should implement all rules and take decisions and make policies.

Head of organization is President but President will under decisions of Central Executive Committee (CEC). Secretary General will run the internal affairs of organization. He will run the affairs with consent of Central Executive Committee (CEC). Central Executive committee (CEC) member should be selected from all districts. All the district committees will select their representative for CEC.

see organizational chart


In history of Pakistan there is no example that small farmers shows unity and achieve their demand. First step was for the subsidy for Agriculture Tube wells. This issue was raised due to heavy taxes like sales tax, MDI fix charges, FPA on electricity bills. The farmers decided to stop bill payments. This issue take 1 year to resolve, we did several protest, Dharna, Long March with million of members.

PPP government announced and issue a Notification dated 7th march 2013. On Okara by pass Dharna on 1st march. But PPP did't implement on this notification, they cheat the farmers. During care taker government NAB arrested 2 farmers for tube well bills, Mr. Rizwan Iqbal (District President Pak Pattan) & M. Saleem from Marrot District Bahawal Nagar. Kissan Ittehad Launched a protest and moved towards Islamabad, at Patoki the convoys were stopped and a team of Punjab government reached at Patoki to negotiate on behalf of Najam Sethi C.M Punjab. They release the arrested members of Kissan Ittehad and next during meeting with C.M promised to implement on Notification. But government again cheat us.

3rd time Kissan Ittehad announced protest on on 20th June 2013, on 18th June 2013 Punjab government requested to negotiate, a meeting was arrange at C.M Secretariat with Rana Sana Ullah Law minister, Dr. Farukh javaid, Agriculture Minister, Ch. Shair Ali Energy Minister with the delegation of Kissan Ittehad.

On 19th June 2013 Mian Shahbaz Sharif C.M met with Kissan Ittehad and promised to resolve issue immediately. But he did nothing after 2 months Kissan Ittehad again announced a Long March on 26th of August 2013. Government dialogue with farmers and announced a subsidy package 29 billion. On 4th Sep a press conference was arranged by Govt. Minister Finance Ishaq Dar, Minister Water and Power Abid Shair Ali and Chief Minister Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif did press conference with Kissan Ittehad and announced subsidy package.

But again they cheated farmers and 2 months passed nothing happen. Kissan Ittehad again announced protest on 31st of Oct a new directive launched and subsidies the agriculture tube wells.